Oil & Gas

Exploration & Production

Cortec® provides superior corrosion protection for operational and capital spares, production equipment, infrastructure, key assets, pipeline, vessels, storage tanks, modules, and skids including flow path, internal and external, operational, and idled assets. Useful during transport, construction, commissioning, operations and maintenance for onshore and offshore assets, Cortec® products and services are environmentally friendly, quarantine compliant, and  EHS  preferable. Cortec® VpCI® solutions for oil/gas ensure readiness and effective maintenance at the lowest possible cost


Transportation & Storage

Cortec® patented VpCI® technology provides cost effective, easy-to-apply, leave-in suit- able solutions for pipeline, storage vessels, transportation vehicles and vessel, and all related capital equipment. Select Cortec® products for flow path (gas, oil, alcohol, steam, fuel, brine, fresh water, salt water), external coatings, internal coatings, and void space including encased pipe, ASTs and as supplements to CP systems. Cortec® also has a range of MRO products that can be used safely in operating conditions.


Refining & Petrochemical

By reducing downtime and extending equipment life, Cortec® products can improve downstream business operation effective- ness and efficiency. Equipment and pipe- line failures in oil refining, gas processing, and production facilities create devastating delays. Cortec® products are useful as functional additives in finished petrochemical products, fuels, and byproducts offering corrosion protection enhancement, especially in moisture and corrosion prone products.Additionally, Cortec products assist in the maintenance, repair, and operations of downstream assets


Equipment Preservation

Cortec® has provided turnkey support for many years for equipment preservation projects now we can provide engineering needed through the final application of all preservation technology and products required to effectively mitigate corrosion during downtime.

This includes preservation during shipment, storage, temporary shutdown, or long term mothballing. Corrosion protection is provided to all surfaces, both internal and external through the multiple delivery systems available with Cortec® VpCI® technologies. VpCI® preservation applications include a variety of cleaning products, surface coatings, powders and liquids


Plant Layup and Mothballing

Cortec® specializes in turnkey corrosion control engineering and applications services for comprehensive lay-ups of individual units or entire plants. It is augmented with implementation of a comprehensive plant layup pack- age that could include:

A corrosion audit for identification of all facility corrosion control requirements. A comprehensive plan to mitigate internal and external corrosion on all plant assets - both above ground and under- ground. Turnkey application of all corrosion control systems. Monitoring and maintenance of corrosion control systems during the layup period.


Tank, Line & Process Vessel Corrosion Protection

A growing number of Oil & Gas companies are embracing the CorroLogic® System approach for their ASTs. Data from the real- time corrosion rate monitoring equipment that is installed in each tank along with the VpCI®, proves the long term effectiveness of this solution. Cortec® completed a pilot project for the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, Saudi Aramco, on an AST with an oil-sand tank pad at one of their critical Arabian Gulf oil export terminals. Product is used as a powder or string of Corrologic® Emitter powered with Nano VpCI®. For high temperature applications for tanks holding liquids or solids above 200 degree C use Corrologic® Slurry HT VpCI® System.