During the manufacturing of your product, Cortec® technologies easily integrates into your fabrication and assembly processes. While eliminating the corrosio of ferrous and non-ferrous metals to help you produce first-quality products.

Cortec® VpCI® technology provides you with unique solutions to difficult corrosion problems. Use VpCI® powders to protect difficult-to-reach voids. Our water-based inhibitors replace oily coatings and coolants to provide corrosion protection. Our water soluble additives in hydro test solutions protect during and after draining. VpCI® emitters protect during the various stages of fabrication, assembly, shipping, and field operation.

Throughout the life of your product, Cortec® VpCI® technology will provide corrosion protection from beginning to end.


Corrosion on raw materials often re-emerges in later processes. We will work with vendors of in-bound materials to make sure rust never enters in your company’s production process.


We will analyze the work-in-progress (WIP) to implement corrosion inhibitors at the best point in manufacturing.  Rust Preventatives can be introduced in machining, washing and post production applications.


Simply wrap or pack your products or equipment-protection is continuous for transit.  A continuous self-replenishing vapor emits to protect all exposed metal surfaces regardless of temperature and humidity swings.  Using Cortec® VpCI®  films, papers, foams and emitters will ensure that valued assets are corrosion free.




VpCI® Coatings protect a multitude of metal products. Applying VpCI® Coatings provides fast and economical protection for exterior and interior surfaces. Our technical staff can help you in rust preservation services and to decide which product you need for long lasting and complete protection of your corrosion sensitive products in Pakistan.

Choosing the Correct Coating

  • Type of protection needed (short term, long term)
  • Type of metal to protect
  • Type of exposure (indoor, outdoor)
  • How it will be applied (spray, dip, brush)
  • What are the application parameters
  • Cost parameters