Export Packaging

Protect Your Metal Components and Electronics Against Corrosive Attack During Shipment and Storage


For companies with multi-national locations of manufacture and assembly, the easiest place for corrosive attack to occur is during shipment and storage. Climate shifts and differences guarantee corrosive attack for metal components during transit with continued damage during storage.

  • Parts with standard protection are at high risk for aggressive corrosive attack due to basic climatic differences.
  • Just simple humidity and temperature changes over a few hundred miles or kilometers can create a sauna like humidity chamber or a moisture condensing rain forest.
  • With multiple shipments during the course of a year, parts with ordinary protection have no chance of arriving at their destination without sustaining corrosion for some shipments.
  • Components with rust bloom may need to be scrapped for total economic loss, reprocessed for partial loss, or cause customer claims due to product failure in use.

Cortec® offers a full range of VpCI® Packaging Solutions Solutions range from coated papers, impregnated foams, extruded films, cushions, emitter devices, inserts, and custom designed solutions; ensuring ease of integration, simplicity of use, and uncompromised performance

VpCI® Packaging Solutions offer cost effective, high performance protection of parts, equipment, and structures for short or long-term, in environments from in-plant preservation to aggressive marine environments.


Preservation up to 5 Years Components Ready for Immediate Use

In cases where equipment or systems require layup, temporary shutdown, or longterm mothballing, Cortec® products can be applied quickly with little or no surface preparation (depending on the product). Cortec’s VpCI® technology provides corrosion protection to external and internal metal surfaces and parts. The degree of protection needed is based on the severity of the environment and the length of exposure to corrosive elements. The protected system will be ready for immediate use when needed

For mission critical items, it means they’re ready to perform. Military components and equipment in deep storage, for example, are now in combat ready state.



Corrosion is a constant, indiscriminate, and costly enemy of metal, especially when packaged for storage and transportation. Traditional anti corrosion methods are messy, expensive, and can be hazardous to personnel and the environment. Nano-VpCI technology provides safe and cost-effective methods for preventing and diminishing damage caused by corrosion.

We offer full range of high quality packaging materials to protect metal goods from rust and corrosion in Pakistan. We provide an individualized solution to your specific needs including:

• Rust-free shipment of goods overseas
• In-process protection of partially manufactured goods
• Long-term preservation of expensive equipment