VpCI Technology

Vapor / Volatile phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI®)

VpCI® technology is an innovative, environmentally safe, cost effective option for corrosion protection. Cortec® products protect with VpCI® a thin, mono-molecular protective barrier. The barrier re-heals, self replenishes and can be combined with other functional properties for added protective capabilities. VpCI® forms a physical bond on the metal surface creating a barrier layer against aggressive ions.



How VpCI® Works

  • Vaporizes  
  • Conditions enclosed atmosphere with a protective vapor.
  • Vapor condenses on all metal surfaces.                                         
  • Ions dissolve in moisture layer (water electrolyte).                            
  • Protective ions are attracted to metal surfaces.
  • Ions form a thin molecular protective layer at the metal surface.
  • Protective layer re-heals and self-replenishes through further condensation of the vapor.
  • VpCI® combines with other functional properties. Antistatic, Lubricating, Cleaning, Paint Removing, Desiccant, Polymeric, Coatings, Rust Removing and Fire Retarding.



Traditional Coatings vs. Cortec® Micro-Corrosion Inhibiting Coatings™ With Nano VpCI®

Traditional coatings rely on sacrificial metals (zinc, chromates, aluminum) for inhibition. Due to the large particle size of these inhibitors, gaps exist which allow corrosion to start and eventually expand, causing coating failure.

Cortec® Nano VpCI® coatings use the patented VpCI® technology to protect the metal substrate with a tight bonding molecular structure. This system eliminates the gaps which occur with traditional inhibitors and prevent corrosion from starting.

 VpCI technology represents a breakthrough and innovative solution in corrosion prevention and Innovior Rays is the sole official distributor of Cortec VpCI ® ( Vapor/ Volatile Phase Corrosion Inhibitor) products in Pakistan.